Modular Floor Standing Enclosures (MFS)
Modular Floor Standing Enclosures (MFS)
Modular Floor Standing Enclosures (MFS)

Modular Floor Standing Extensible Enclosures
Modular Floor Standing Extensible Enclosures

  • A Strongest design available in enclosures.
  • Good Strength to weight ratio.
  • Better TP protection (Up to IP55).
  • Quite economic design.

  • Welded Body : In 2.00 thk folded CRCA sheet with vertical and horizontal (depth) indexing holes of dia 9 & dia 4.2 in pitch 12.5mm.
  • Base : 3.00 thk folded sheet with removable front and rear cover in 2.00 thk.
  • Door : Front & rear single door / split door /partial door in 2.00 thk CRCA sheet. With support channels, sheet metal special hinges, 3/4 point handle lock, 'D' type PU foam gasket.
  • Cover : Front fixed bolted cover in 2.00thk for instrumentation panel in place of door. when door not necessary at rear screwed cover in 1.5 thk.
  • Gland plate : Screwed CRCA bottom cover or Slotted / perforated bottom cover in 1.5 thk (for ventilation from bottom if required).
  • 'C' Plate : In 2.00 thk / 3.00 thk as per requirement maximum size is (W-100) x (H-100)
  • Lifting eye bolts : Hooks are used for normal weight & heavy duty angles for bigger enclosures.
  • 19" Racks : Din Standard 19" equipment mounting arrangement is possible.
  • 19"Swing frame : suitable for 19" mounting in width and height as per requirement

Standard sizes :
Width Depth Height Base
(pith of 100mm)
(pith of 50mm)
(pith of 100mm)
75mm, 100mm 150mm, 200mm

Up to 1000mm width single door, above sizes will have split door.