Insulated Enclosures
Insulated Enclosures

  • Better IP protection.
  • This is manufactured in 'Modular Floor Standing Extensible Enclosure' (MFSE Construction. For Sizes and facilities please refer page 1.
  • 50mm glass wool or rock wool is used as insulation.
  • Cutout pockets on all sides (if any) are also insulated with nitrile foam gasket sheets.
  • Only 1OOmm in width, 1OOmm in depth and nothing in height is consumed for insulation.
  • Compact in size and hence energy saving (Heave reduction in A.C. capacity specoification).
  • Modularity is maintained and hence width can be extended.
  • Use for Outdoor duty is possible with some changes without much increase in cost. Costing is 25% of E Room.
  • This is better replacement for E Room.